Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to get started.

Welcome! I created this blog so that we all have a place to come to when we need peace and calm.First embrace the changes in life.It is good to change. We will take small steps and work together. I welcome comments and want to help you too! What has been something you have wanted to change or been afraid to take a leap and try something different? What is holding you back? Usually it is our thoughts.Negative thoughts can stop you in your tracks or bring you down. Sometimes we don't even realize we are thinking. The reverse is true positive thoughts can lift us up and give us courage. Is it normal to have both thoughts? Yes! It is what we do with theses thoughts that matter. That is why I want to give us a happiness blueprint that we can refer back to whenever we are getting off track and come right back to home. Here is our first 10 minute challenge. Get a notebook and write down all your thoughts.This is the examining step of making our blue print.Really take a hard look at yourself and write it all down! The change has to change internal first before it can affect the rest of your life. After you write your list take one negative thought and flip it to a positive. Look at it often and help you get back to happiness whenever those thoughts start to creep in. It is a daily struggle for me with my health but I have come to accept that it might never change. It is not something that scares me because I know regardless of how I feel physically I can do everything to make myself feel better. Also on my posts I will remind you to breathe. How often do we take a deep breath. As a mother we just go go go and hold our breath. Take a few deep breaths now and see if you feel better. We are constructing a new us! How do we measure up?