Monday, March 11, 2013

Meditation Monday-3 ways to bring balance back to your life

Did you remember to breathe this week?Did you know that a deep cleansing breath slows the heart rate and the "fight or flight" response.I can't think of a better way to bring balance back to a hectic life.It is like telling your body to come back and think about the moment you are in and you won't say something or do something that later you will regret.This is tip number one.Have you tried taking a deep breath ans slowly letting it out through your mouth.There is also the Ujjayi breath where you breathe in and out through the nose creating an open space in the back of the throat and as you breathe out you make a sound like the ocean.It is very calming.If you do it in the morning it can help clear your mind of whatever ails it.An afternoon of relaxing breaths can prepare you for kids coming home from school and all the dinner preparation.If you don't think it will help give it a try.You might feel more relaxed overall or maybe you won't lose your temper when your kids fight over the same toy for the tenth time that day. It is hard but if you contentiously stop and think about it,then breathe deeply and see how you feel.I was able to do it in the morning and at night but during the day I have been so tired that I really haven't really thought about during the day.Lately things have been so off with a new baby and the surgery. I feel like every part of my life needs an overhaul.Stress?Yes.

We all have stress from being a Mom or Working outside the home. Finding a quiet moment for our self can be challenging.So how can we do it?Schedule it.Make time.Tip number two is to write down your day, your week and how you spend your time to try to bring back the balance of how you use your time.You can find your biggest time wasters this way.For example maybe I don't need to be so meticulous in spending so much time planning school lessons.If we want time we have to make it! The last tip to bringing back balance is to review your week and see how it went.What worked and what didn't?Try something another way.Add or take something away from your schedule.Don't add anything else until you are sure you can handle it.You may have to say no to good things but until you have found that balance back you want to start simple.Till next week.

Breathe,relax and be calm

Look ahead at our week................we are having rainbow week and the letter L for Leprechaun.Each day will be a different color in the rainbow.I am very excited about it.What will the Leprechaun do?

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