Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How to spring clean your life

It is a new month!How are you doing with your goals for 2014?If you haven't made any goals, it is not too late!I love a new month.It makes me feel like I can get a fresh start again!

Spring is approaching fast and I couldn't be more happy!It is a time of growth and new life.Lets get outside to the fresh air and sun.You can also step outside your normal routines or how you think.I am talking about letting your inner self bloom.Imagine all the possibilities!

Here are a few of my possibilities:

~Be adventurous.Try something new.
Last week I flew in a helicopter for the first time!

~Shed clutter in your home and mind.

~As new stems of life emerge outside.Seek everything that is lovely,positive,energizing,change,and let these values take root in your heart.

~Find more ways to spend time with family and husband.

~Find quiet moments and get rid of stress.

As you clean each room as most of us do in the spring,put flowers on your clean surfaces.You could use silk or real flowers.Buy a bouquet and divide the flowers into smaller vases.Doing this can lighten the room and your mood.

Your rooms and closets aren't the only thing that needs to be gone through!Use this time to see how you are doing emotionally, mentally, and physically.Look at your life.Write down the good and bad things.This can be people,thoughts,things you want to do etc...Then decide if you want to keep, donate,or purge.You could do this by making 3 columns and separating these thoughts into 1.keep,2.donate or 3.purge.

At the same time focus on what is positive and happy about your life.Surround yourself with gratitude and all things,and people that are positive in your life.

I hope these things will help you to shake off the dull and dreary of winter.You should feel renewed and ready to grow in so many ways.I want you to sparkle,dazzle and be radiant.Let your light shine bright.Open yourself up to all the possibilities,like a flower opens up to the sun.

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