Monday, May 14, 2012

Letter of the week X

I think I forgot to show you all what happened with our letter L week.We stuck objects on construction paper and left it out in the sun.The result is it fades the color except where the objects are. This is an easy one and the kids are so amazed!

We went on a field trip today to the Tree House Museum.It is time for Lex and Ro to explore the world around them.That is really important for toddlers to have that creativity.They are our little scientists in the making.

Signing time with Letter X

Can you find the letter X?


We found triangles

We found squares

We went to the Museums musical section, where they have a xylophone. I played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or tried.

The xylophone has bars that are may different colors.We talked about those different colors.We also talked about rectangles and found other things that were rectangles.
Which is the smallest?Which is the biggest?

We will be talking more tomorrow about X-rays and learning "all about me". I think this is my favorite Theme to do because I see how much my kids have grown!

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