Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tube surgery and all about me theme

   May 15th 20012-I thought it would be fun to share things that my kids like.We are all unique.I do this every year and have them draw a portrait of themselves.  I also take a hand print.This is my youngest.He just went through tube surgery like a champ! This is a big moment for him.He has had at least 10 ear infections in a year! It has been a nightmare!

Favorite food: pizza,he loves sugar,nillas

Favorite animal: monkey,bear

Favorite color: blue

Favorite words: i no no, wha that?, pizza, that one, stop it, car, choo choo...he basically repeats what he hears.He is learning so fast.

Favorite games: peekaboo, hide and seek,

Favorite show: bubble guppies he says bubble all excited and sings with the show, and Sesame street.

Things that I am good at is talking and sharing and giving lots of loves and kisses.

Things I like to do, play cars with or without someone playing, any kind of  ball, ride in the toy taxi cab.They had some at the hospital and he had to try every single one. They were lined up against the wall. He would say "want that one" and then "get in".

Things that scare me: mommy and daddy leaving, vacuum, some big dogs

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