Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth day activities

So yesterday I didn't do meditation Monday because I was sick.I had a lot of sinus pressure and since I am nursing I can't take anything so I tried pressure points that I found on this website my sinuses drained and I slept great.I don't know if it was coincidence or not but I thought I would share.

We have been talking the last 2 weeks about the earth and how we can treat it better and save energy.The kids tried to be more aware of the lights and using water.We also talked about re-using things more.I gave the kids some boxes and they used them in lots of ways.They really liked putting their blankets in them and sitting in them to read books or pretend it was a cradle.The box was a car and our airplane seats when we pretended to go to the North Pole.We even made a ramp on both sides of a box and put a jar with baking soda and vinegar to be a volcano.The cars had to jump over the volcano but many fell in.
We also introduced the letter of the week Q.Q for quiet vs loud.Reading books or watching a movie is quiet.Yelling and running through the house is loud and hurts Mom's head, especially with a sinus headache!

I found this great yoga sequence for earth day here
You will have to download it.We blossomed like flowers.They started out as seeds in child's pose.They wanted to join the baby for tummy time.

Then they sat on their knees and opened their arms like petals.The baby sat on my lap and I stretched his arms up too.He also joined us for being bicycles.There is my daughter moving his legs.

We learned a new song.I sat with the baby and we sang He's got the whole world in his hands,while I held his hands in mine.Then we we said he has the whole family in his hand.You could say Mom,Dad, and siblings.We will repeat this song for the rest of the week.I also taught them the sign for world.I got this idea but I can't find where fromhttp://www.teachpreschool.org

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