Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 13th-14th-31 days of May-keovers

Last night I wanted to write but I had a terrible migraine, which lingered into today.I did manage to put on some mascara though.
This is my daughters idea of how to wear make-up.That is blush all over her face not a sunburn!

Do you know the tips and the proper way to put on make-up?

There are so many beauty tips and how to's available.As Moms we are limited on time.So many of these tricks take time.Here are a few of my favorites and some new ones I have tried.

1.White liner on the bottom inner eye lid.This tip and trick makes you look more awake!
2.Pick the right mascara for you.Know what you want it to do.Do you want more length or volume? Color?
Find your perfect mascara brush here
3.If you warm up your eye curler with a blow dryer it is like a curling iron for your eyes.
4.Play with eye shadow techniques and tricks
5.Red lipstick is not for everyone.I have tried it and don't feel I pull it off.It is bold and I am more subtle.I like pinks and lip gloss.

Today's assignment:
Try something new.Have you tried the smokey eye look.Try a pop of color on your lips or eyes.Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful!You have time for yourself!Walk around with confidence and a smile.

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