Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 4th-31 days of May-keovers

Today I am supposed to talk about toys and how to organize them.I have to say the exact solution to the toys taking over my home eludes me.I think most of us can relate to toy takeover.Do they come out through the walls or multiply I don't know.I tried coralling them like cattle being rounded up into a coral.They get pulled down and mixed up within hours!
Not even my ninjas can walk through this toy mine!

I have also put them up high, but that means I have to be available and not feeding the baby.

I like the idea of toy rotation is promising.I bet if I tried it I would forget what toy was where.

I loved this article the boy with no toys.I agree that kids have too many toys and too much screen time.Birthdays and Christmas comes every year.Kids want better and bigger toys.What makes our kids their best selves We should be filling their minds with life's lessons and experiences.There should be an overflow of knowledge,not just toys and clothes. I am not anti-toy or anything.Toys are good for the imagination.It is just in my home and many others there is too many.

If you want another good article read why I took my kid's toys away and why they won't be getting them back/

If you are interested in toy rotation read a great one here
Today's assignment:
Gather all your kids toys in one spot.In the process decide what you want to keep,donate or throw away.Decide on one place to keep the toys and have fun planning your system.Use the articles above as inspiration. I am ready!How about you?

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