Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer of Sucess-Week 4,Day 1 & 2

Devotional:The blessings of obeying
Jesus has shown us the way for us to go.We can follow his example

How is following Jesus and his example,like following a map?

Letter:M for map
Writing prompt:Write about a time you went camping or an adventure you had.
-to further practice mapping skills,draw a map of your room or backyard.
-check out these other ideas for map skills
-talk about North,South,East and West
-sun rises in the East and sets in the West
-Learn about our city and its founder
-find city,county,state and country we are in
-find Yellowstone National park
-print out map for them to follow on the road trip

Homemaking skill-sorting laundry into darks and lights, looking at tags for cleaning instructions ,cleaning out pockets

Day 2
Devotional:Guided by love

Writing prompt:List 5 things you learned about Yellowstone National park.


We had another tea party with some friends and learned some more etiquette.They got to practice their greeting too!
-use a napkin,not your sleeves
-put napkin under the fork
-use your utensils,not your hands
-Thank the cook for the meal and ask to be excused
-take your dishes to the sink
-do not say a meal is yucky

The last 2 days my kids have been washer wizards!It has been amazing!Who would have t by thought they would pick this up so fast!This Mommy,has barely touched any laundry!:-)

**It i s Wednesday and I am so behind on my blogging!This week has been tough because my husband was at Scout camp,until yesterday!**

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