Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bubble gum party, Easter and just surviving each day!

It has been a while since I have been blogging. The reason why is because I am just trying to survive and make it through each day. I have been a stress bucket the last few months. It all started with my Mom calling me up one day and asking if one of my kids was alright. The reason I am not mentioning who is so I don't embarrass them. I was surprised and said everything was fine. Little did I know that something was wrong and it came without warning. Suddenly I was dealing with a very anxious, defiant and aggressive individual. I always wondered what the next day would bring. Would their be a fight to go to school. Would I end up crying and pleading on my knees? Where was this all coming from? Such a sweet kid really!! Was it me? Was my child being bullied? I have been living in crisis mode and always on red alert!

This stressing and worrying has gone on for months. On Saturday my body had it! I couldn't get out of bed! I don't normally sleep like that but that is all I could do, while my poor husband tried to manage the chaos of several months. My child is in counseling .No answers?....  Maybe all of this came from writing a post on balance? It is hard to achieve balance when the scale is always being tipped!

The icing on the cake was last week was Spring break. This meant keeping kids happy and breaking up fights all day. Exhausting! Plus, last week was a busy one!
1)We had a gumball birthday party with 15 girls! Here are the decorations!

None of the kids knew who this was! Do you? :)

2) Soccer started and takes up our whole morning and afternoon on Saturday! One kid gets so excited to go play until he gets there. Then, he sits and refuses to participate. Each time he acts ready and then hides. What is a Mom to do?

3)Loosing sleep because my very itchy and allergic baby!

4) LDS General conference and Easter weekend. I loved Conference and the time to ponder that Jesus Christ is risen! We ate a fun breakfast too!

Easter egg hunt and what it is all about!

A fun bunny digging in the dirt. So cute! I was tired of making cake! Hahaha! I got the idea from here

Here is the birthday girl enjoying her bunny bums! The kids got a kick out of the name.Lol

With boys you get the play fighting but I didn't expect it with their Easter bags. Funny boys!

Here is to balance and enjoying the ride that is life one happy Mommy step at a time! Well, trying to be happy that is what my blog is about. I am real and I do not have it all together. At the end of the day if we survived it is a victory. If we are all happy then I have my blueprint for happiness!

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