Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The art of becoming

When winter strikes I withdrawal into my shell. I tried to love winter this year but it didn't happen. I brought our outside plant inside as well because it can't handle the cold. I watched it all winter start to wither and dry up. I thought that it would die just like most of the plants that enter my home do. However, the last couple of weeks I have seen green again. I have watched it blossom before my eyes. I see its beautiful pink flowers again. It reminds me that life is a delicate balance. Sometimes we flourish and blossom and other times we struggle to stay alive.

The more I think about my illness or things happening at home the more I withdrawal from life and the more I start to wither away. Just like my beautiful plant. It is just for a short while and then hope shines through and I start to grow again. This is the art of becoming...

Becoming who you were meant to be
Becoming stronger

Each day becoming a better you

Maybe a better Mother or Father? Friend? Listener? Athlete? Artist? A better example? Blogger?

Our lives are a time of refining, experimenting, and growing. When we let life get us down and wither our self worth; we start to lose that sense of becoming. Growth is possible but it takes some time to learn and then grow. It is such a delicate balance! I see a pattern within myself when I start to lose energy and the house gets messy. Then relationships fail to bloom because they are not being nurtured. All I see is a dying plant that I cannot seem to save. I can't let it die! I can't let my children go down this road. Right?


I have to let them experience the art of becoming too. I can be their shining example. I have seen things change when I see what they can become. I become stronger. I become what they need. I become inspired. I get better and they get better too! I have seen it. Yet I go through this downward spiral when life gets too overwhelming. I retreat into that shell. It looks like it is all dying around me. Then it is as if I wake up, and know things aren't working. I start to nurture myself again. I become the nurturer. Again I stand tall and strong. I got this! The inspiration and light shines through and little by little I have become what I was meant to be. You are becoming what you were meant to be too.You know what? We are beautiful!

Maybe knowing that we all go through similar cycles can help us sooner. We become tired of dreams not happening. We don't want to listen to our inner critic or society anymore. We just want to soak up the hope and faith and become what he sees. God will show you, Be patient because the art of becoming can take a lifetime. Each new blossom is a step closer to becoming better and conquering that weakness or obstacle in our way. Don't you see you are growing? It is there within you! Underneath or inside you are



The question is who do you want to become? Can you see it? If not, it will come! Believe that you are becoming who you were meant to become. I hope that if you are in the dark now that you will allow the light to nourish you. Please don't wither away. I know things might be hard or seem bleak. Hold on! Hold on and wait to see your new growth. It is just waiting to spring up. Right now you are in the middle of becoming......... what? You need to fill in the blank here, but it can be anything you want!

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