Wednesday, May 2, 2012

10 ways to entertain your kids @ the doctors office

So this week has been challenging to make a goal. I hate to admit it but I am only human Shock! I can't believe I told you!Well since the secret is out I think that we make our lists and set high expectations for what we want to do in a day and when it doesn't happen the way we want we think that we aren't cutting it. This week I fell to that way of thinking.The peace was gone until I realized what I was doing.It is easy to do because I have been sooooo tired this week.It really can be a struggle. I want to feel like I have done something that day.I want to look around and not see tons of toys,papers and all sorts of choas I took some time to pray and meditate and nothing had changed in my house except me.That being said  this week has had added stress on me becuase my little guy has an ear infection. He has been so testy that I can barely get anything done.He has had 10 or more ear iinfections.It has been really hard but after this we are putting tubes in!Here is where I get to my title of things you can do in a doctors office.1.Use your purse.I like to let my daughter reorganize it or my baby find treasures.Sometimes I even let my daughter try my lip gloss,which she loves.2.Use your coins.There is a lot you can do with them.Starting with having them guess what hand the coin is in.Or have them flip a coin and guess if it is heads or tails.Another fun idea is to spin them on the ground and see whose lasts the longest or goes the farthest.3.Carry crayons in your purse for them to draw on the paper on the exam table. You can also use the crayons to make rubbings of the coins.4.I recently bought these tins with cars movie character magnets.It has been a huge hit! The magnets made their way to the examine table as well since it is made of metal.5.Play good old fashioned thumb war game.6.Bring cars in your purse boys love cars!7.Play doctor or talk to your child about what the doctor will do.8.Another good one for boys is to throw paper in the waste basket.Get rid of all the un needed paper in your purse.9.Books.10. Brush and cards from your wallet.The kids can line them up inn your brush or pretend to buy things with them.Just use cards you don't care too much about.I used my phone because my internet is not working, so it wouldn't let me make paragraphs.Sorry for the jumbled paaragraph.I don't think I will use my phone again for posting.Until next post breathe,relax and be calm.

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