Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Kindness Bug

Let's be Kind! We cannot teach our children that enough.I asked them what they can do to be kind and of course they know all the right answers but when it comes down to it when they get angry or upset they forget the kindness bug and they forget.Yet they can turn around the next moment and shock you with how much love they can give.Emotions are a normal part of life.It is what we do with them that matters. When we feel ourselves being angry or stressed we need to come back to the moment we are in.To be in the moment is easier said then done.There is to much business and worry that we miss all those tender moments. Does it ever seem that you see your child misbehave and that is all that you can think of and you yell at them.Is that being in the moment? Not really that is letting your emotions get the best of you. It is like you are having a tantrum yourself. All that child might be saying is they want your attention. I want to make a challenge to learn how to be in the moment.Practice just doing a task like the laundry and think about whose clothes you are folding or involve your child in the process and watch them try to fold a wash cloth.Feel the cloth in your hands is it soft how does it smell?You get the picture?When we do such  mundane tasks and can get  such fulfillment from them.Keep increasing your focus.Get on the floor.You may catch yourself saying I can play but I need to get this and this done.Wrong you are with your child Write your worry down and forget about it!Be kind to yourself and your family who just want you!

Lets be Kind byP.K Halliman.this book has cute pictures of what the kids can do to be kind. So I asked the little darlings of mine what they could do and they said, be nice to my brother,don't hit, share my toys.It's funny how they never say listen to Mom and Dad.If any of you have secrets to get your kids to listen let me know.I mean the other day my oldest got on one of those moterized carts.I told him to get off and that didn't work I proceded to pry his white knucled hands from the handles.When he tried again I put my leg up on the controls like a ballet dancer stretching on the bar.Then I had to drag him out of the store.Or when you find strawberry remains and gronola bars under your child's bed and you look at your child and she says "I didn't put it there." Really?

I am really going to keep track of the kind things they do and praise them and see what changes in their and my attitude. One things my kids always do is say "mom you look so pretty."It makes me feel like a million dollars and when my husband takes time to notice and tell me too! I am on top of the world!I will share with you some of the things they do when they are bitten by the kindness bug!  Love those who have wronged you..Enjoy your kids antics and teach them so they might choose the next time to make a better choice.Slow down and be in the moment.You will find happiness,enjoy yourself ,and your kids.1.Be in the moment.2.Let go of all else until it is time to focus on the next task at hand.

Breathe,relax and be calm.

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