Friday, May 18, 2012

X marks the spot where your treasure is Part 1

This is kinda a crazy mixed match page of fun. Every mom knows how special each child is.They are the real treasure. Their laughter can brighten up any day. Today I just wanted them to be creative.I like to use Friday as a day to get ready for Saturday. We wipe down walls which kids love to do. We vacuum. This day the vacuum strayed to the lovely locks of my children. I think that my lense was dirty not as good pictures sorry.

I have all these lids for cups from a summer party I did a few years ago I was thinking what I could do with them and then I saw this cute package of Alphabet stickers.

                     I decided to put the stickers on each lid. Lex was excited to help me put them on.

Then I took an old can, those oatmeal ones are great but I didn't have any. I cute a slit in the lid big enough to fit the lids.

Then all Ro has to do is drop it in the can. With the Alphabet letters on there the possibilities to use them are numerous.

Then I decided to decorate it. I am not the best crafter but I had fun and here is how it turned out! 

The kids also played with play dough I am so full from all the pretend food I ate! Lex made bread sticks yummy. I Love how creative they can be.

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