Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The X-ordinary letter X and All About Me

Circle time-welcome song, weather, month and day, music and books

The book today is called A book about your Skeleton  by Ruth Belov Gross.We are reading that today because we are learning about x-rays. It is a picture doctors take of you to see if everything is OK. I asked them questions from the book.It is really easy for them to understand. Everybody has bones and they help us move.All your bones put together are your skeleton.
Are your bones hard or soft? Answer: Hard
Are these skeletons?
Your ribs protect your heart and lung.Show them the x-ray of the ribs.

Every bone in your body is joined but at least another bone.Put your thumb and index finger together.Can you see where your your fingers bend? This is called a joint.Show x-ray of hand.

How many things can you think of that these joints help you do? Answer: run, jump,climb, kick,pick up and put things down, eat.You can twist and turn.
Have them feel their spine and tell them the spine is made of tiny bones called vertebrae

Snack: yogurt with strawberries and grapes

Draw a skeleton with 2 items, a black sheet of construction paper and a white crayon!

This is her unique page with hand print and portrait

I am Unique: My name is Alexis.

Favorite food: chicken nuggets,strawberries and yogurt

Favorite animal:T-bone our dog

What I want to be when I grow up:Rapunzel

Favorite show: word girl

Favorite Movie: Indiana Jones, Rapunzel

Things you like: reading, playing with V-tech game,playing doctors.Bed time because I always have good dreams.This one made me laugh because she is the mastermind of finding ways not to go to bed.She also tries to come into our bed a lot.She also started dancing this year.

Favorite colors:pink, blue and green

What makes me happy is playing with Rowie, Corb, Addy and Bella

What makes me scared it lions,cheetahs and rats

Once I was not good at sounding out my letters but I got better and better and now I am good at it

Centers, puzzles, books, doctor dramatic play, art-switch every 15 minutes to increase child's attention span and to help them follow directions.Since we have been doing this Lex has gotten so much better!

At the Tree House Museum they had the x-rays and an area to be a doctor and take care of the babies

Lunch: Peanut butter sandwiches, carrots and 15 minute clean up

Quiet time

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