Monday, June 25, 2012

5 ways to make your shopping trips with kids more fun and educational.

Letter of the week-G
ASL letter G.If you move it forward and back it means green.Two g words for the price of one!
How many times do we go to teh grocery store and we wished we had left our kids at home.Today was one of those days.I got some whote elmers glue that my 5 yr old gave to the toddler and he opened it all over himself! That is a first for me. Usually it is potty stops and the case of the I got to have it! If I play one of the following games I usually can make it a little longer. If I want to come clean I usually try to see if Dad will do it or I go by myself.They have to learn some how though. Just make sure they are not tired or hungry or you are in for it!

1.Give them each a list.For the oldest I had him write a list and decide what we would have for dinner. Then I do pictures for the youner 2.They love crossing things off their lists.
2.Next I make it a matter of finding colors.The produce section sure has a lot to offer.When we got home today I made a game where I wrote down the different colors. Then I cut out different items and had them sort them into colors. They did this game for a while.

3.Have the children count how many items.How many yellows?How many greens? How many apples do we have?
4.I had Corb put things in Alphabetical order.We read the book 10 items or less.A Mommy and daughter go shoppping and count what they put in the cart.They have to keep it 10 items or less to go in the express lane.I chose 10 items we bought today and had him put it in order.1.Bread 2.Corn 3. Eggs 4.Ketchup 5.Milk 6.Pasta Sauce 7.Spaghetti 8.Strawberries 9.Tomato 10.Yogurt

5.Abc Race-Using the store adds have the kids find letters A-Z and see who can find and circle them all first.

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