Thursday, June 7, 2012

B is for body

Today we did some worksheets. Not as fun but important! I bought a big book for each grade that I use.I got it at Walmart.Sometimes I blog hop and other times I make stuff up.
1rst grade-practice counting to 100 by 1's.It was a fill in the blank.1 is the number for the week.
Pre-k-practiced writing and recognizing the letter B
Toddler-practiced counting and sounding B.

For circle time we sang Hokey pokey and Head shoulders knees and toes.Both songs are excellent to learn parts of the body!

Corb didn't want to lay on his back because the sun was in his face.
Next we went outside and traced each other's body with chalk and then drew eyes, nose, mouth and whatever else they wanted to. Lex drew ribs and a heart.

We struck a pose and traced their shadows.

Often times we will go to the library for story time.This time they did a camping theme and the kids made their own wood fire with a paper plate.They glued on 2 pieces of paper cute out to look like wood and then added red,yellow and orange squares pre-cut to look like fire.

B is for bubbles.Ro decided to blow bubbles in his milk

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