Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I took a break from the Zoo for you, Dad!

This week we have been gone more away from the house so we have been playing at the park and going to the Library, while we wait for my daughters dance camp to get over. Here the boys are taking a break to play in the water puddles left by the sprinklers.

The pod activities continue to impress me and give me ideas. I have too much floating in this head of mine and not enough time to blog about it. This pod is about dinosaurs and they had cross word puzzles.This cardboard display was dino's and their shadows.They were velcrowed on so the kids could do it over again and again;which children love!

This week is so full of activities! We have our Zoo trip coming up and Fathers day. I found these cute cards on Here is the finished product. 

I loved that I could teach shapes, like circles, rectangles and hearts to my youngest.

I added more to my pocket chart. I also had the kids practice writing Z's and the number 2 which we are working on. This is what we are working on this summer so far.
Lex-Trace and write Z
Corb-Write counting by twos.I also introduced the oo sound in ew, and ow.Not too exciting to blog about but important.

I found these cute zoo stickers at the dollar store.They have the animal and them some of them had just the faces. So I took foam paper and put stickers on cards and wrote a number on each for Ro and Lex to practice their numbers.

They can also match colors for the one that have the faces.

Here are some of the fun books that we read for Fathers Day.

What are you doing for Fathers Day?

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