Friday, June 8, 2012

Importance of traditions

The summer is a great time to start traditions.I have been thinking a lot about it.Summer is not only a great time to help your kids not lose learning from school but  also to devote more time to values and morals. I think that  little children under 10 really have a hard time understanding why their little sister is upset that she can't play with her big brother, or sharing toys. So I have started this new tradition to teach them each week about a different morals.I will make them behavior charts and reward them for their good behavior.I heard somewhere that it takes 4 positives for one negative.I also want to take this time to notice more positives.I thought about writing down all the positives and writing or verbally expressing to my children how proud I am of them.

Bed time stories are also a tradition if you think about it.During the summer you can read outside.

Another tradition is to take the kids to the park each week and have a picnic.

We also take a summer trip to see my parents who live a few states away.

Camping is another big time tradition we squeeze in there.

Every Sunday we visit my husband's parents.

I kept this tradition from my parents that Wednesday night is Spaghetti night.

A tradition that I want to bring back is doing dates with our kids once a month.

Another one that I like is that my husband cooks a big breakfast and I can rest. We really like crepes.

At dinner we like to talk about our day and say our best and worst.

Traditions are like quilts.There are little fabrics of tradition to make up each square.Each one is woven together to create lasting memories.What would your quilt look like?
 Here is a picture to illustrate our family tradition quilt.

What are your traditions?


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