Friday, June 22, 2012

Letter of the week D-The Dino days of Summer

ASL letter D and some silly children
 Dinosaurs come out with your scales up!
I found these cute masks from

I made these clay fossils the night before.It was a lot of fun but time consuming.I thought that they turned out pretty good.What I did was print out printable dino skeletons and then used those papers to know where to carve into the clay.Some of it I did more elaborate than others.

Burry fossils in the sand.Give soon to be paleontologists, brushes and let the dig begin!

Assemble the dinosaurs.We found a T-Rex tooth and we are missing the body of one.

We found the body to a Brachiosaurus.These are not to scale ha ha.

Just for fun here is a real casting of a raptor like claw so it is a replica.It is of a new discovery of a Mongolian dinosaur.It is in in the Dromaeosaur family, including Utahraptor,Velociraptor and Deinonychus.Below is a fossil of an Ammonite.Class:Cephelopod.Age:Devonian to Jurassic(417-144 million years ago.


We learned about different dinos.
We also made our own dino necklaces.

Materials: cereal with a hole in the middle,marshmallows,string, and scissors.

Step 1.Cut marshmallows into triangle shape.

Step2:Cut string into necklace.

Step3:Attach tooth to necklace and add your rings

Step4:Eat and enjoy.The mellows get sticky.

Corb-Write about 3 different dinos

We did cluster work on er-ir-ur words.I got this idea  and prehistoric punctuation from

I also found these cute play-doh mats @

The 3 little Dinosaurs by Jim Harris. tied right into our theme and number of the week! It is a spoof off of the 3 little pigs.We ran our of time to act out scenes from the book with play-doh.

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