Thursday, June 14, 2012

Value of the week-accepting the feeling of Anger but not hurting others.

This is what they really look like when they blow their top.
This is how we want them to be

There is something about Summer that makes kids fight.Do you all agree? I remember my Mom's rule that I still use today.Never hurt anyone on the inside or the outside. What do we as parents do when we get angry? Do we yell or get physical with our children? Whatever our coping mechanism is for Anger your kids will follow your example. So if we want to change something in our kids we should always look at ourselves first!

We read the book When I feel Angry

I printed our a piece of paper that says "I feel_______when______.This helps the kids if Mom has to step in and supervise the problem solving process. I will only use it until they get the hang of it. A quick note to parents.Don't step in too quick unless someone is going to get hurt.

We talked about what we can do to calm down.A lot of the suggestions were in the book mentioned above. We can take a time out, do something that calms us down, or count to 10. It never works to yell at our kids it just makes them want to battle.It is like the saying "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit! I try to tell the kids to ignore the other person but they usually blow it by saying "I am ignoring you". So of course the other person is egged on.It is a little backwards but such is the mind of our little ones.

Another tip of your kids keep fighting maybe they are tired or hungry or need your attention or for you to step in a play with the younger sibling who is driving them nuts without even realizing it.

I found these awesome sling shots at the dollar store and saw this idea on to make angry birds by painting rocks to resemble the birds. I didn't have that much times so we just used rocks and we knocked boxes down.I told the kids that when we get Angry and fight we are destructive and can really cause damage whether it is physical or emotional. They can always ask an adult for help if they feel too out of control or the other person might not be cooperating. Needless to say they have been running to me for everything so I guess now we work on tattling ha ha ha.

How do you like to calm down when you get angry?

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