Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We are going on a bear hunt!

Gonna catch a big one.

We're not scared!

I gave the kids binoculars and magnifying glass.

In preparation for our hunt I made tracks and put them all over the house.We had a paw print for going through the grass, walking through water(bin of water to wade through),trudging through mud(bunch of blankets,going throght the forest and snow till we reach the cave.As we walked I read the book.We had read it previously on letter b week so they were familiar with it.

We went looking for tracks.That is not a bear track.

It's a tiger!He crawled on our couch for a nap.

That is not a bear track.

It's a giraffe!He was found in our kitchen by the fridge he must have wanted a salad.

Ah ha! A bear track!

Tip toe.Tip toe.

Ahhhhhhh a bear!

Nothing like cooling off from a bear hunt then a popsicle and splash pad.

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