Monday, June 18, 2012

The Zoo day is finally here!

After a whole week of preparation we finally made it to the Zoo on Saturday!!

We got their early in the morning to see the tigers and they did not disappoint us! Ro kept saying tiger roaaaaaar!

They has a picture of their paw print so I had to get a picture of that. Here is our foot print comparisons.

The Hogle Zoo just got a new Polar bear and he kept doing flips over and over in the water.It was sooooo cute.
Here are my cubs!

We also saw seals and Dari the elephant.She is the oldest elephant in the North America.

He is not ready to leave the nest yet thank goodness!

There were Eagles,lemurs,Gorillas and so much more!

The day did not end there.We went to a free Super hero Lego shield event at Toys r us where the kids got to build their own shields.They could choose Batman and Superman. Most kids these days don't know who Superman is! That is sad and really dates me too, I think.

Today we reviewed what we saw at the Zoo thanks to some fun worksheets from also had a spelling  test for Corb.

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