Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back to school

We survived this week of school it was a great summer! The week before school we did a review week.Each day we did 5 letters.We had a letter race where I would call out a letter and they would run to it an say its sound then we would do an activity to do with that letter.

 For example we looked for the letter N in a book and my daughter found Cat in the hat by Dr. Seuss. I photo copied the page Up Up with a fish and the kids drew what they thought the cat would juggle and balance.

Then I had the kids try to balance things. We also visited the school.I have a new Kindergartner this year! I am starting to feel better so hopefully you will start to see me post more as I get into the swing of things.

Preschool for my Tot has started.It is very casual I just schedule things but follow his lead if he wants to skip it then we move on. I will be working on attention span here soon.We read books. This week we read What I Like about Me by Allia.

 At the end of the book it has a mirror where the kids can look and we talked about what we liked about them.It is important to help our children have a good self esteem.I was little for my age and was teased constantly.I didn't have a good self esteem. So it is really important to me that they feel important and special.I had them draw pictures of themselves.Rowie just scribbled but he is still growing those fine motor skills.

 I also introduced his name and had him trace the letters with his finger.This is a good pre-writting activity.Next we do music and movement.I found some good websites for ideas.The main thing is to keep them moving.I am still working it all out. Here is an example we sang Twinkle little star and shook symbols and bells.

We did it fast,slow,quiet,loud.Then we played hot potato.Freeze dance is another favorite.It is where you play music and then when it stops you freeze.Last we sang Itsy Bitsy spider.

Here are just a few fun pictures of the first day of school.They are all growing up so fast!

Corban First Grade

Alexis Kindergarten

First day hair style

Corban and Rowen

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