Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Letter H-Hellicopter

Sometimes when I am preparing my lessons the kids want to help and then they know what is coming so I try to read stories or do something and they want to play with what they helped with.Today was one of those days. They saw the bin with the cotton balls.I have seen a lot of people using sensory bin of cotton for snow but for my purposes they were clouds and I hid ABC cards in there with bobby pins on them.Then I took the boy's helicopter and tied a string with a clothes pin and a magnet taped to it.I am pretty simple when it comes to my crafts and things that we make.A lot of these ideas came to me late last night while I couldn't sleep.

Exploring the cotton balls first.

 Then I gave them clothes pins to work on those fine motor skills.That is when there imagination rally took off and they were making recipes and grabbing different utensils.

 Lexi stretched the cotton balls out to make burritos and bacon.
Here is a helicopter I made so we could talk about shapes.

Here is another thing I made for counting practice.They could put the counters in the circles.

Lexi practiced her number writing.

She decided instead of using the counters she would write the numbers to count.

We used the cotton balls to count the clouds.

Rowie loaded the cotton balls up on his truck.

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