Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow day and fish play!

It has been an interesting day for me and the kids.This morning I got a call from the school saying that due to the snow there was no school! That has never happened before! We received  over 30-40" of snow.

We started off our day with a fish toss game that I got from

We tossed a goldfish and when it landed on a number that is how many crackers they would get.I had to cut off the consumption after a while so we used counters after that because they were having so much fun with that.

Next we graphed how many different color fish they got.Alexis had more yellow fish than Corban.

I want to encourage my children to write stories it is something I have always liked to do and hope to publish some in the near future.They could pick any of the words beginning with the letter F or just write their own.To spark their creativity we read.The Rainbow fish and the sea Monster's cave.By Marcus Paster

During quiet time while Rowie slept they wanted to color pictures of fish.

Our craft where I found all over pinterest or at least the basic idea is to trace their hands.Then I adapted it to having them tear up paper and glue it on the hand like scales.Who doesn't love ripping paper? Then we colored other fish and glued them to the paper.We did 6 to represent the number for the week.

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