Thursday, January 10, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday

Its a new year.It can be a fresh slate for all of us.Why is it evyone is so motivated to make changes in the New year?Why not all year long?Either way I am very motivated this year.With the new move I was able to get a clean start at this house.There are still many boxes to be opened but I will only do that if there is a home for it.My strategy for getting each room done is to think of it as moving day.What would you keep?What would you store or get rid of? I got rid of a lot of things because I didn't want to pack it.                                
 So going along with this packing theory you pick a room and break it into sections.First you go through the things you don't use very often.Then things you only sometimes use that can be in a box.Last are your most often and daily things.These are the last you want to pack until the other less used items are sorted.                                                                                  
Next is for you to write down what the room is to be used for.Since I am choosing my bedroom I want to use it for rest,relaxation and a place for my clothes,jewelry and a few books.Right now everything is in limbo because I unpacked other areas of the house first.I want the boxes gone so I have already done the packing part of the room.Next I need to decide what to keep,store,trash,oordonate.There should be a box for each one.I have seen this idea everywhere!I am breaking this month into weeks.                                       in front of the closet.                                                                                               
  2.front of my  bed in which i have a storage ottoman covered with stuff.                                                        3.dresser and a place to put my jewelry.                                                                                  
4.Put my headboard up,vaccum,dust and make a spot for baby clothes.                              

 It is important when making goals to break them down into smaller more managable ones.I could even break it up day by day.Thursday I will let you all know how it is going.This thursday I have already made a dent in front of the closet.What is your room you want to tackle?Maybe bring in a friend  who will help you be ruthless.I think I may even buy a new bed set to celebrate when I am all done.

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