Thursday, January 17, 2013

Take Back your Turf Thursday

Well I am happy to say that I got rid of whatever did not belong in my bedroom which was a lot of the clutter in front of my closet.The foot of my bed where the ottoman is cleared but it is in constant battle of my husbands clothes finding their way back there!It really does help to set a timer and then just go! When it beeps you are done!

I also found baby clothes for when our new arrival come in 23 days! We are getting excited! So I will put those clothes in the ottoman for the first couple of months till he moves in with the boys.Oh yes and we bought a bed!!! So happy but still can't sleep with the back pain and the baby so we will see once he is out but its a memory foam and so far it is like sleeping on a cloud.

My dresser is getting there but I have a lot of Jewelry which I have an idea where to put but I don't know if I am in the project mode or not.We will see.Do any of you have suggestions on keeping the clutter at bay on your dresser.It is a dreaded flat surface! Ahhhhhhh

Also I have started freezing meals for when the baby comes.I see that a lot of people do a month worth of meals on a Saturday but that is not the root I am going.Last night I made broccoli cheddar soup and doubled it.I pulled out the amount I wanted to so that it wouldn't disappear into my families mouth. I will post my list at a later time but I am really excited about it and should be able to have about a months worth when I am all done.I am just going to do it in small increments instead of all in one day. Wish me luck! Have any of you tried freezing meals?What did you find that worked and didn't?

What is a problem area for you?

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