Thursday, January 24, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday

My room is really coming along.I have officially made my bed for this whole month so it is officially a habit! I have one thing throwing me off and that is all the clothing and I still have things in bags. I have a trick I will share with you later about how to go through your clothes.I have washed all the babies clothing and it will fit in the ottoman but my husbands clothes must magnets because they keep coming back.Solution? Option 1:Get rid of clothes.I have no idea what will fit me till after the baby.Plus I can pack or get rid of all the maternity clothes.Yeah! Option 2:Buy more hangers to hang up shirts that is taking up to much room in my dresser.I still need to find a solution for my Jewelry.My suit case is also packed for the hospital.

My frozen meals are coming a long I am way excited about that!So far, I have frozen broccoli and cheese soup.I made double batch of spaghetti sauce,extra meat for easy cheeseburger pie, and some meat for Mac n cheese and salsa.All snug in my freezer.

Tonight I used my slow cooker to cook 8lbs of chicken.We had salsa chicken with beans,corn and rice.I made double batch of that.Then the leftovers will be for lunch and to make enchiladas.I hope to have enough to make a double batch of enchiladas.I also made chicken tortilla soup and I made a double batch of that!
They will go in the fridge because I learned that if they are not cooled all the way you get those nasty little ice crystals.I also learned to freeze everything nice and flat and then you stack them in your fridge like an accordion so it doesn't take up too much space.

The great thing is that I have done this 2 different nights and it really hasn't taken me that long.

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