Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Letter of the week N and 11 ways to use your plastic eggs.

We are working on letter N.I made a Nest and using Happy Easter Mouse by Laura Numeroff as my inspiration.Each page has eggs in different color in numerical order.For example the first page has 1 yellow egg.Next,2 red eggs.So I made eggs out of construction paper and put them in the nest.

I made corresponding squares of the same color.
What the kids did next was to pretend like they were the Easter bunny.I put down a mattress so they could hop like one.As you can imagine they had a lot of fun.Then they brought the eggs back to the right color square.

Who doesn't have plastic eggs after Easter.There are so many things that you can use them for year round.
1.Learning- letters,numbers,math,reading
2.Decorating.There are a tom of ideas I have seen all over the Internet.I haven't tried them though.
3.Games-I gave the kids the eggs and had them come up with a few ideas.They called it poppers where they squeeze the bottom and it pops off.
4.They also spun them on the ground to make tops.
5.Another idea was to scoot it on the floor like shuffle board.
6.to put snacks in
7.Music shaker for baby
8.Stack them
9.Memory game where you can hide something under it and have the baby find it
10.Color matching
11.I saw these paper bag nests with birds made from birds @blog.kangarooboo.com
We didn't get a chance to make this but hopefully we will.

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