Wednesday, April 24, 2013

letter Q-Queen of hearts

Happy pigs in a blanket day! That is one day's dinner this week that for sure is planned out!

Now onto our lesson.Lets imagine we are the Queen of hearts.Everything would be red or pink.Our dress would be shaped like a heart.Our food would be too and maybe even our bed.How does a Queen act?Let's look at some Queens in the past.Is that what you thought a Queen did?Kids think that the life of a Queen is easy and you have dances and wear fancy things.But being a Queen is like a full time job.

We played barbies and pretended to have subjects.I just found a website that made crowns and wands.I am thinking that would be a good activity for tomorrow!I will have pictures from today's activities,tomorrow,too I hope!

We decorated hearts and counted them!My toddler recognizes hearts now!

We talked about ways to show love and that to hear and really take something in you have to hear with your heart.If you notice in the middle of the word heart is "ear" We also talked about things that we love.My daughter loves pink and to dress up.My little tot loves cars and peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches.I love to write and yoga.

We also enjoyed some time at the park.The park is a great place for Mommy and Daddy dates!

The park is a sneak peak of what is to come tomorrow for Take back your Turf Thursday.

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