Monday, April 15, 2013

Meditation Monday- 7 ways to be a better Parent today

Our homes should be s safe place where our kids can talk to us and be safe from all the bad things in this world.I have discovered 5 ways to be a parent right now!
 1.Make leaving for school and the kids returning home a big deal.Turn off t.v.,radio,put down the phone.Talk about what a good day they will have.When they come home ask  more open ended questions that you can more than a yes or no answer.If you ask them how was your day they could just say good or fine.If you say tell me about your day or your test.
2.If you need to do housework do it with your kids and have fun!For example,when you are doing dishes have them playing in the water with you or in bowls on the floor.
3.Make use of teachable moments even though they might be too young.You never know when you will have those moments again!
4.Get down on the floor and play with those little cuties.
5.Stop yelling and listen.If you can't,take a breather.
6.Make meals matter.mmm
7.Eat together,play together and pray together

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