Monday, April 8, 2013

Meditation Monday

Parents should wear capes.Or at least in the eyes of their kids they do.We take care of them,feed them,bathe and clothe them.I don't think we see the cape the same way they do.It can be an ideal that is hard to live up to.We start to think we have to do everything right all the time.In addition we may look at other parents as being better than us.The cape is very heavy that day and the villainous thoughts of inadequacy rob our minds of more happy thoughts.

On days where your kids behaviors is that of a wild creature from the jungle you may feel like you have failed in some way.A bowl of ice cream or chocolate usually helps.But all joking aside that is when they need you the most.Sometimes your kids will surprise you and clean their rooms or help you with their younger siblings.On those days they wear the cape and help us by making it a better day.I am more determined then ever to be a better Mom because if they don't have my full attention they will get it from someone or somewhere else.I might always be there to fly in and save the day but I can provide a safe place for them and help build them to be some other person's hero.

breathe,relax and be calm

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