Monday, April 1, 2013

Meditation or Motivation Monday

For those of you who have read my Meditation Monday I am thinking of changing it to Motivation Monday.It is more the direction I want to go.What do you guys think?

Now onto what I wanted to talk about.There never seems to be enough time in the day.What is stopping you from playing with your kids?Exercising?Finishing that project?Cleaning that one space that is bothering you?

Is it a busy schedule?No motivation?Do you feel overwhelmed? For some reason while I was thinking about the answers I kept thinking of Finding Nemo where the Dad is getting discouraged on his journey to find his son.He met a quirky little fish named Dori and she kept singing "JUST KEEP SWIMMING".Let's think about that and all it implies.When life gets hard you want to quit but you have to dig deep inside and just keep swimming.You may be caught in a net of despair or are to busy(or so you think) to stop and breathe or read a book to your child.Whatever it may be you have to take it one goal at a time.You can take it one day at a time or hour by hour.Whatever is easiest for you.I think I am going to need this to get through Spring break.That and a lot of deep breaths!My little tornadoes have already made a mess of the house!!!

Breathe,relax and be calm

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