Thursday, April 4, 2013

N is for noses and nature

Yesterday was find a rainbow day.I have been having computer trouble so it is late being posted.We went outside to look for colors but we really could only find green and blue sky.

We talked about noses and smell.How sometimes we use just one a few or all our senses.Isn't that a cute nose!
We played a game where the kids closed their eyes and smelled different things and then wrote down what they thought it was it was really good spelling practice for my Kindergartner.

The line up was as follows peppermint tums,vinegar,bacon bits,vanilla,chocolate chips,basil,hair gel,garlic powder,lotion,peanut butter.
 We went outside to see what we could smell.We talked about some of the buds will turn into flowers and then they will have a fragrance.They smelled pine cones,grass,wood and even the baby!

They found a stick with animal trails maybe beetles or termites.

They found some chalk and starting collecting sticks and coloring them.I love when they get creative!
We also made something for the baby we put all our nature findings in a bottle of water.He is really starting to study things and kick his feet.He is also getting stronger and holding his head up longer.We have been doing Little Bo Peep who lost her sheep this week and next week!

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