Friday, April 12, 2013

Ocean week day 3

Sorry there was no take back your turf.It has been a busy week and my Turf is a Tornado so I didn't get much done needless to say .We reviewed the letter O and the fish we have been talking about this week.Then we talked about Sea Urchins and where the different kinds of fish live.They made their own Sea Urchins with play-doh and toothpicks.I remember when I was younger I made mine out of Styrofoam ball and painted toothpicks.
We practiced fine motor skills and numbers with pom poms(sea urchins),tongs and an egg carton.You put the numbers inside and they count that many sea Urchins.
We also talked about star fish.They got to touch a real one!Then we made our own with a star cut from construction paper,glitter glue,and Epson salt.You put the glue on the star fish and then the salt and it feels bumpy like a real star fish!

We are finished for now with the Ocean and onto Oslo,Norway.I will also have a post about getting things done with young kids and learning the whole day.We continued to do our Little Bo peep Nursery Rhyme and will be moving on to a new one.The baby is now 2 months old and his tummy time is now on the boppy where he can really hold his head up.I was hoping to make sea creature finger puppets and I still may but I think he would really enjoy it.Not much interest in toys but very alert to sound.

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