Thursday, April 18, 2013

Take back your Turf Thursday-Week 12

We have all been scurrying to get our houses in shape for Spring cleaning but what about our bodies?Starting now I am doing a 12 week program to get in shape and lose the body weight.I will share exercises you can do.My baby will even be joining me in a few weeks.There are so many quick exercises that you can do it is just the motivation most of us lack.That is where I come in!First if you have any health issues check with your doctor.

As many of you know I love yoga! There is no better workout than sun salutations.It is s great one to do first thing in the morning to get the blood flowing and wake up!Try it this week with me!

I am particularly excited about earth day and the yoga we will be doing outside.It will not be just yoga,some will be combos of cardio and targeting certain areas of the body.We will do abs,arms,your behind,ballet,and exercises at the park,store and some involving the kids.I want it to be fun.Also I am not a dietitian but eat smart don't eat junk.What works best for me is a protein packed breakfast,lots of little snacks(nuts,apples and cheese,greek yogurt) and salad with a sandwich or meat and a small dinner.I am always hungry(famished) because I am nursing but small snacks are the key to sustaining my energy!

Now,I can't go until I talk about our home a little bit.Here is the touch only once jobs.What I mean is literally that touch it only once and it shouldn't pile up.These jobs are laundry,mail,dishes,dressing and undressing.For laundry, don't take it out and dump it somewhere.That is unless you want it back on the floor,laid on,or part of an obstacle course for your kids!Take it out fold and put away.Your kids can help whatever their age!1-3 years old can find colors,match socks,and put it in and out of the laundry basket.3-6 can fold cloths and learn to fold the rest.They can also put it away.We have had races for that.Winner chooses next activity.

For mail bring it in and file or throw sway.Little kids like doing this!Dishes ate used and cleaned right after.Same with clothes you can put it in the hamper!You get the idea.Try it this week and see!You could stand on your tippy toes or squeeze those glutes while you are at it!

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