Saturday, September 21, 2013

6 delicious ways to enjoy Fall(not just with food)

Tomorrow marks the official first day of fall.That means colder weather is on its way.But before this:

Turns into this:

I want to share ways I enjoy fall.First ,hands down has to be the leaves changing colors.We usually take a drive to welcome Fall and it really is quite therapeutic for me to take pictures of the sun shining through the leaves, as if to say something wonderful is going to happen!The crisp air seems to renew my spirit.

2.I love the smells as well as the colors.With the aromas of pumpkin,apples, and cinnamon comes food! It is time to break out the comfort foods and deserts that when you take a bite takes you home.

3.I really love the really hot weather is coming to an end!We can spend more time outdoors We get amazing storms with lightning dancing in the sky.You can take walks and be sucked into all the beauty.When the leaves start to fall we make big piles of them.There are a lot of photo opportunities for this activity.

4.On days of cooler weather or rain I like to start my crafts and really start preparing for Christmas.No Christmas decorations though!The more prepared I am for the busy holidays ahead the better!

5.Fall is a time to prepare fir winter I thunk both mentally and physically.In this article Celebrate the Autumn Equinox it is suggested make a list of your inner harvest.I quote "An inner harvest refers to all the achievements and experiences that you have had or felt during the past few seasons. This is a way of restoring gratitude into your life, as you realize what you have done and how you have coped with challenges during the past months."I love this! I am going to do this!!

6.It is almost like clockwork for me at this time off year that I usually start to look inside to see where I am lacking.I am excited to try more meditation and reflection and to increase in spirituality too.

How do you like to welcome Fall?

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