Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Reaching in and reaching out in April

How does this mama take care of all her little monkeys and find time for me too?

I feel so inspired to write!I feel like I am accomplishing things .Most
important is that I am happy!Can you answer yes if you asked yourself if you are inspire, feeling good about your aaccomplishments,and truly happy?What is my secret?Two times a year we have the wonderful opportunity to hear from the prophet and apostles.Whether you are are part of the Church of Jesus Christ or a member of another faith,who wouldn't enjoy hearing such uplifting words?It is like each conference brings us back home and closer to Jesus.It is about as exciting as New years resolutions and Christmas.

It really is a fresh start for me and can be for you!It has been a while since I have done a reaching in and reaching out series.If you want to know what this is and how you can find ways to reach inside yourself and see who you are,and make time to better yourself,read this post.If you want little ways to reach out to others,read this post.The first post of my series can be found Here!


Reaching in
I do not read my scriptures ENOUGH! They are right there and yet not used.Soooo after hearing Linda S. Reeves talk I dove into the pages of my scriptures!After I can meditate and say my positive affirmations to myself that "I am healthy,happy and I can make it a great day!"This my own but you can use whichever ones you would like,of course!
Reaching out
Why do I get up in the morning?For my kids.They are growing so fast and even though I feel like I pay attention to them I still feel like I could do more.Then I read somewhere how kids need at least 8 ways of contact with their parents!I have never counted but I hope I am not to busy to cuddle,hug,tickle or reassure them with just a touch of my hand. What if they are having a bad day? My relationship with my daughter is strained because she aside from her many good qualities,can be rude,bossy and DRAMATIC!Helloooo she is a girl!Duh Mom,but wow it can be hard.I remember my Mother tenderly rubbing my arm to help me go to sleep.Maybe I don't snuggle enough or stroke her arm.I mean the last thing you want to touch is a fire! Do you struggle with your kids or maybe just a certain one?Decide how you want to keep track or realize if you are giving enough hugs.

One mother on her blog wrote how she stops at 5 o'clock and everyone just hugs.See her post here @ihttp://www.abundantmama.com
Pray to know how to use your time and how to clean and organize your home.For me I like to prioritize my to do list to 3-5 important things and then make a plan at night so I can get it all out of my head.Then I tackle the biggest job first!

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