Thursday, May 29, 2014

Our Summer schedule

Summer is here!It is great to get outside and play.It is also a time I do homeschooling with the kids!I want things to be relaxed, but I still want some structure.

This week I introduced our schedule and we started journal writing.Even my 3 year old!I have writing prompts,but they can write anything really.They can write about what they did yesterday or a story.I will be writing in their journals as well.I might just tell them I love them or comment on their stories they write.This is in addition to correcting letters and punctuation.

Reading is big in our home!I try to encourage it as much as I can!We went to the library to start their reading program.I picked out a book to read too!

We have a daily prayer and devotional.I like to center it around a behavior or character trait I want the kids to develop fully.One day this week we talked about likening or applying the scripture in our lives and then the kids acted out scripture stories,while the rest of us tried to guess.The kids wanted to keep doing it so that took up a lot of our time.I have more planned in a day than we can possibly do,but I like the kids to lead me in what they want to do.The pressure is off.We just have Fun!

For my Preschooler and baby I will be doing a different letter each day.Nursery rhyme each week.We are working on his name.So for each letter we sing a song and read Richard Scary's Fun with words.It has an awesome letter dictionary to really immerse a child in their letters.

Letters:W,E,R,N and O
Nursery Rhyme:Rock a bye baby
Name song(tune of B-I-N-G-O
There was a Mom who had a boy(girl)
(Insert name) was his name O

This week has mainly been walking the kids through the routine M-Th.Friday is our family newspaper and field trip day!This Friday we will be going to a water park!

  • Breakfast
  • Get dressed and put clothes in hamper
  • 3 b's-Make your BED,BRUSH your teeth and hair!
  • Devotional and prayer
  • Older kids do morning chores(rotate each week)While they do this I have music and letter practice with my Preschooler and baby.
  • Journal and other activities(approx.1hour)
  • Outside/free time
  • Lunch-12p.m
  • Quiet time(1 hour long) 
  • Outside/free time-2p.m.
  • Kitchen chores and dinner-4p.m.
  • Bed time chores-8p.m
  • Scriptures and books
  • In beds but they can still read -8:30 p.m.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 27-31 days of May-keovers

I have really been enjoying myself with these small changes.This last week I was not able to write everyday,however,I still have been trying to work in the areas I originally planned to.I have discovered along the way things that were not on my list,that became more pressing to me.I was able to put down my phone for the whole weekend and be with family and celebrate some birthdays.

There have been several late nights,migraines and some setbacks with my baby.His eczema has really flared up, and he is congested again.My hormones are all over the place!Hot flashes?!Really? I am not that old!It can be so frustrating to have to take steps backwards.For every step backwards, I hope to take 2 giant steps forward.My first attempt is to change my attitude!This is not going to happen in a day!There are still days I cry because I can't eat something I want to.There are days my family eats something and I lock myself in my room.The phrase I catch myself saying over and over again is "I can't" .I can't have that food or do this anymore.I am lucky to have a patient husband.

When I got to my may-keovers with my relationship with my husband,making time to connect and be with my kids,nothing else seemed to matter!I put my phone down and just had fun!I have missed writing though!

I am excited now that Summer has officially hit our home!It is my chance to have one on one time with my kids and I love it!One more week until week one of my Summer of success!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

3 ways to get outside more often for May 19th-31 days of May-keovees

Today's assignment:
Get outside as much as you can!I am still transitioning from my hibernation during the winter.My body dislikes both the extreme cold and heat.Due to this fact I don't get out as much as I should!I also don't go out because the baby puts everything in his mouth or might crawl through dog doo in our backyard.Now that it is warming up,you need to remember to drink more water.

Here are my 3 sure fire ways to go outside more often.

1.Go for a walk-One way I have more success is going for a walk after I drop the kids off at school.Find some friends who will get you out of the house.

2.Schedule it in-Have your kids ever complained that recess is never long enough?Well,I agree!If you want happy and tired kids let them play outside.Plan at least 2 hours a day outside.Not sure how?Schedule picnics,or outings at the park.Mix it up!A lot of activities you do inside can be done outside!One of my favorites is yoga.On the days my husband is home,this is one I should try!

3-Small doses-Start small and work your way up to more time!Gardening in the morning and late afternoon is a great way to get outside.

Here are a few more ways to to get outside more often.

Sorry I am playing catch up.I have had 2 migraines this week and it was the last week of school for the kids!Keep checking my blog for my summer of sucess plan!Yes,a lot of it will be outside! :-)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Stress less for May 18th-31 days of May-keover

I have been thinking about how I could possibly lower my stress when it is all around me!I feel like most days I am being pulled in every direction! I do feel that I have not payed attention to what my body has been trying to tell me.I tend to worry about something ,and as I dwell on these worries,stress creeps in.Before I know it I am a stress ball of nerves!

A mother sets the tone of her home.She is like the trunk of the roots of a tree.She provides nourishment and safety to the branches of her family.So if I am not strong,my family is also weakened. Stress over time can weaken us all.

My favorite way to be more present in my day is to breathe deeply more or do yoga.These two things cause me to slow down and let things go.I know a lot,and mean a lot,of people have done variations of the movie, Frozen's Let it go.I think that Elsa's view of her power and feeling out of control,is a lesson to us all.To conceal and not feel is not going to help.She finally feels freedom and can let it go.That is what we must do as Mothers,let things go.This doesn't mean we explode in anger like a volcano!Instead we learn to control ourselves and learn healthy ways to let it go!Sometimes I have to turn away and close my bedroom door.We can be strong roots of our family without shutting everything out.We may be feeling guilty for being tired or frustrated.We can't ignore what we need everyday!

Today's assignment:
Make sure you are taking deep breaths throughout the day.Take a minute during your day to think about where you might be stressing more than you should.Once you have identified the where the stress is coming from, write down how you want to let it go.Let it go,so you don't blow!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Be more confident for May 17th-31 days of May-keovers

We are more than halfway through our May-keovers! Yesterday,I talked about finding your style.I looked through my closet and got rid of 7 items!Yay for de-cluttering! I found some cute dresses to retry and some cardigans to layer. I want a softer more elegant side to be noticed.Have you found a style that works for you?

Something I found out about Audrey Hepburn is that she didn't get caught up in fads.I still have some clothes from 10 years ago!I dabble a bit with the fad but ultimately I go with what is inexpensive and comfortable.

If you have a sense of style or are stuck in the 80's,90's or make your own style;are you confident?Are you just throwing whatever on,and calling it good?
One of the first ways to show more confidence is to stand a little taller.Posture and how you carry yourself says a lot about how you feel about yourself.I am reminded by a quote I read:

"Let us stand a little taller, if you don't, you will never strengthen yourself"Stand a little taller by Gordon B. Hinckley

 Baggy or sloppy clothes and bad posture are not good combinations.Don't get me wrong I love sweats and a t-shirt!Learn to use what you have and accentuate your assets.I am tiny and not very curvy.I just started wearing skinny jeans and blouses,dresses and shirts that make it look like I have a waist.Don't hide in your clothing!If you ever walk into an art gallery it is filled with an array if lines,color and beauty.Some pieces are abstract or disproportionate.Are we not God's creation,a work of art?

Isn't loving yourself an art,in the fact that it takes time and effort on our part?

That being said, since yesterday  I have been struggling with myself.Why am I doing this diet for me and the baby?What am I going to eat?Why am I upset?The house is a mess and the kids aren't listening.I raise my voice and I feel worse.It has just been one of those days!

I got dressed though!I put on mascara and lip gloss.It is like I am telling myself that I am in charge and I am going to make something of today!I am putting in the effort!

"When I’m feeling a little low, I put on my favorite high heels to stand a little taller.” -Dolly Parton

I look at this picture of my kids, and think back to when I wanted to be in any ones shoes but mine.I stumbled in my Dad's over sized shoes. Yes,a mother's, wife's,friend's shoes are big shoes to fill.But no matter how big the task seems, if you jump in with both feet and stand taller,you will fill those shoes!

Today's assignment:
 Think of the message you are sending with your style and clothes.What message would you like to send?Dust off that outfit you have been wanting to wear and stand up tall.Tell yourself you are beautiful and you deserve to take care of yourself.

Friday, May 16, 2014

How to find your style May 15-31 days to a May-keover

Most days I doubt,as I walk down the supermarket aisle,that people say to themselves,

"She has style"

It is true as a Mom,oftentimes,that we put ourselves last.I have many clothes in my closet that I never wear.Honestly,it is mostly because I have no idea if it looks good.I lack inspiration!

That is when I looked to a very classy and elegant young Audrey Hepburn.I have always been inspired by her.I was excited to look up and peek more into her wardrobe and style.

Today's assignment:
I was inspired and I want you to be too!Pick a celebrity or a friend whose style you would like to emulate. Look at pictures and get an idea of their style. Look through your clothes and see what you have.Before you go out and buy all new clothes, try to use what you have,first!Have fun.Maybe do a fashion show for your kids or spouse!

I found many good "how to's"online.
How to look like Audrey Hepburn.Audrey knew what looked good on her.She wore white blouses, the little black dress.I have some of those!:-) I need to get back to my research!Excited squeals!Happy hunting!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 13th-14th-31 days of May-keovers

Last night I wanted to write but I had a terrible migraine, which lingered into today.I did manage to put on some mascara though.
This is my daughters idea of how to wear make-up.That is blush all over her face not a sunburn!

Do you know the tips and the proper way to put on make-up?

There are so many beauty tips and how to's available.As Moms we are limited on time.So many of these tricks take time.Here are a few of my favorites and some new ones I have tried.

1.White liner on the bottom inner eye lid.This tip and trick makes you look more awake!
2.Pick the right mascara for you.Know what you want it to do.Do you want more length or volume? Color?
Find your perfect mascara brush here
3.If you warm up your eye curler with a blow dryer it is like a curling iron for your eyes.
4.Play with eye shadow techniques and tricks
5.Red lipstick is not for everyone.I have tried it and don't feel I pull it off.It is bold and I am more subtle.I like pinks and lip gloss.

Today's assignment:
Try something new.Have you tried the smokey eye look.Try a pop of color on your lips or eyes.Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful!You have time for yourself!Walk around with confidence and a smile.

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12th-31 days of May-keovers

The hype of Mothers day is over but I am still wanting to improve and grow this month!What we do as Mom's and parents are important.

The reaction to my hair was very reassuring!Today I flipped it out instead of under.It is easier for me to style it at night than the morning!I am not a morning person!!

We all have our routines at night.We get in our pj's,brush our teeth,wash our face etc. ..
I have never really had the best face regime.I wash at night but often forget in the morning.Well today I washed my face in the morning with cool water and WOW did that wake me up!

I used the last of my Mary Kay and switched to Neutrogena.I like it ok so,but not completely satisfied.I have been using Jergens natural glow tanner too.I used Cetaphil but I really didn't feel like it helped with acne.

I looked up the best face cleansers.Here is what I want to try:
Olay foaming cleanser for sensitive skin.

I have a combination skin,which this cleanser might be good for!If you want to know what skin type you are or top inexpensive cleansers  look here

I liked this article for sensitive skin which I also have.

Today's assignment:
Start a face regimen if you do not already have one.If you do,is it working?Don't go to bed with make up on!Take care of your skin!Pluck your eyebrows if they need it.I am bad at maintaining them daily.

Don't forget your water to help flush out all the toxins!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 10th and 11th-31 days of May-keovers

It has been a busy couple of days but I have to say I am loving all the new changes.My kitchen is done!Just in time for Mothers day!

I got new curtains and my husband painted an end table while he was doing the table!He is awesome!


I got my new haircut and a color!So worth it though!
It was tested by my hair twirling little boy.He said he still can find enough hair to twirl!

What about you?Have you felt inspired?made some changes?There is more to come!For now,I am going to enjoy the rest of my Mothers day!

Friday, May 9, 2014

How to get to know your neighbors better!May 9th-31 days of May-keovers

I had to change the schedule around a bit.I really wanted to get my haircut but that won't be until next week.

I was out walking when I saw my neighbors that moved in beginning of the year.Due to weather and a sick baby I hadn't introduced myself.I took a chance and said hi!They mentioned another neighbor had them over for dinner.I realized I really should be a better neighbor.
Galatians 5:14
"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself"

Now that the weather is getting better I should be outside more and hope to catch my neighbors outside.

Look for ooppurtunities to serve.There may be an elderly neighbor who could use some company or a woman who may feel she doesn't fit in.What if they are just waiting for a knock on the door?

Today's assignment:
Go outside see if any of your neighbors are out.Say hi!If they aren't, you could make a treat and knock on the door.Take a risk!

May 8th-31 days of May-keovers

Whenever I need a change I usually want a haircut. I have a sweet little 3 year old that loves to twirl my hair.It can drive me crazy!Not to mention what it does to my hair!

Every time it is time to choose a haircut I look at tons of pictures and it is always so hard.I usually can't make up my mind until I am sitting in the chair and they ask me what I want.I panic!Do you ever have that happen?

I could end here and say go get your haircut.However how do you choose the perfect haircut.To me the logical choice is to learn about your face shape and what compliments you.  

Here is a post of how to pick a haircut for you face shape.After you choose, it lists what celebrity has the same face shape.

I am inspired by Audrey Hepburn.She has such a classic look from her head to your toes!She is my inspiration!

Once you know your face shape and your inspiration,there is one more thing for you to do before you are off to the salon.You must be able to say what you want and bring a picture!

Here are some terms you might here in a salon.

Today's assignment:
Cut your hair!Choose to do something different.You could change your color or your cut.Have you had bangs before. Decide after you research a bit,what will look good on you!Don't forget to ask whoever is cutting your hair for ways to style it!

See what I chose soon.........

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 7th the chore wars-31 days of May-keovers

When it comes time to get my kids doing work around the house,they immediately come up with any excuse why they cannot do it.

Let the chore wars begin!They start their Jedi mind tricks.
"This isn't the mess you are looking for"
Translation:"That is not my mess.Why do I have to clean it up?"

I have tried charts,points,money and so on.It is ongoing and both sides are in a power struggle.

I try not to redo or do their jobs myself.This is especially true if I have already trained them.Start them out when they are young padawans.When children are young they want to be with their parents.

We have capable children who want to please us.If we show them we trust them and appreciate them;then they are more likely to help when asked.It may be more work for us parents,but we are training them to be capable hard working adults.

Check out these unique chore reward ideas

Today's assignment:
Choose a chore that you normally do that you could have one of your kids do.Make sure they understand what you expect of them.After a week of training let them do it on their own.No nagging,hovering or yelling!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Paper organization for May 6th-31 days of May-keovers

 I am loving these transformations I am seeing in my home and in myself.I think sometimes we just need to make cleaning or organizing more fun!I feel like you are all waiting for me to report back so it gives me no excuses to slack or find the motivation.I keep getting ideas of little touches to add here or there and I have been learning new or better ways to do things.

Paper is my wort enemy.It comes in the house and it spreads like those pesky dandelions popping up everywhere.My good intentions to add 5 minutes have not proved fruitful.Luckily there are so many cute and functional products out there for paper.You can even make some thanks to many diy sites.I want to make this as fun as I can.

First what groups or type if paper are we dealing with?

  1. Mail
  2. Coupons
  3. Newspapers
  4. Manuals
  5. Magazines
  6. School
  7. Art
  8. Paper airplanes
  9. My many notes and ideas
There is a lot of ways paper can sneak into your house and as if by overnight multiply. There is a scene in Harry Potter where Harry's uncle tries to keep Harry from receiving his letters.Then letters start pouring in through the mail slot and chimney. That is how I feel about the paper in my house!

Today's assignment: 
Just start.It is not easy just set a timer for 5 minutes.That is it.Then go shopping and see the cute file folders and containers.Don't buy anything.Just find things that make you excited!

Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5th-31 days of May-keovers

Pick a room any room.Now what needs to change?I think a good room to start out with would be your living room,entry way,or kitchen.These areas that are used a lot.What colors do you already have in the room.Is there a painting you love or a accent rug?You could use those as your palette.

Even if you choose your colors there are still a few things to consider. Where to put your statement pieces and how to group them.I am in desperate need to be taught this!I do not have an eye for detail.

Luckily there is a lot of help for those of us who are lacking the know how in this area.I found a great article to help us all get started! It is called the rule of three.This rule states that if you have a color in a room,make sure it is repeated 3 times.Turns out my idea of picking a painting wasn't far off.The post above also gives you examples so you can practice!Yay!

Think of it this way.If you get dressed you want to match right?You should think about what you wear.What colors do you gravitate to?I love blues like the ocean.I also love nature.I love owls and peacock feathers.I guess I have a style!Yay me!I tend to dress the same way.I also love pink but I am nervous to use it in my decorating.All I have to do is walk into my daughters room and its pink overload!lol

Today's assignment:
Pick a room and see what colors you could repeat in there.Pops of color could be pillows,or vases.See what you have in other rooms and use that.I have seen on Pinterest people actually using their clothes as a cover for a pillow!Check out the transformation of my living room.

Before:Don't you love my model?

After:I put blue vases and plates to pull out the blue from the painting above the couch.I also moved the black chairs up more and added a table.I think I might paint it light or dark blue.This makeover cost me nothing!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

May 4th-31 days of May-keovers

Today I am supposed to talk about toys and how to organize them.I have to say the exact solution to the toys taking over my home eludes me.I think most of us can relate to toy takeover.Do they come out through the walls or multiply I don't know.I tried coralling them like cattle being rounded up into a coral.They get pulled down and mixed up within hours!
Not even my ninjas can walk through this toy mine!

I have also put them up high, but that means I have to be available and not feeding the baby.

I like the idea of toy rotation is promising.I bet if I tried it I would forget what toy was where.

I loved this article the boy with no toys.I agree that kids have too many toys and too much screen time.Birthdays and Christmas comes every year.Kids want better and bigger toys.What makes our kids their best selves We should be filling their minds with life's lessons and experiences.There should be an overflow of knowledge,not just toys and clothes. I am not anti-toy or anything.Toys are good for the imagination.It is just in my home and many others there is too many.

If you want another good article read why I took my kid's toys away and why they won't be getting them back/

If you are interested in toy rotation read a great one here
Today's assignment:
Gather all your kids toys in one spot.In the process decide what you want to keep,donate or throw away.Decide on one place to keep the toys and have fun planning your system.Use the articles above as inspiration. I am ready!How about you?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

May 3rd-31 days of May- keovers

It has been a few months since my 1 year old was told he was allergic to almost everything.How doesn't really know what he is missing out on,but me,I am going crazy on this diet! I still have to nurse him so I have had to cut out so many of my go to snacks and meals.

Its time to go through my recipes and decide if we actually have cooked them in the last year.I have been trying to come up with 7 meals and then 7 more meals that will work.

Maybe you are trying to eat healthier and mot of your meals have too much fats or carbs.It is a challenge but you can make almost any meal with just changing, omitting a few ingredients.

Today's assignment:
Take a look at your recipes.Are they in various cook books,pins,and magazines.Toss or store cookbooks you don't use.Pick 14 of your favorite meals and make sure your recipes are all together.With these 14 dinner meals you can rotate each week and you have a months worth of meals!Why write it down?It helps to see it visually.You know you have a plan and it will be easier to stick to.You can store many recipes digitally now.Someday for me!sigh

If you want just a little challenge;cook something new!

I found a 7-day-meal-planner and shopping list that you can download to help you choose your 14 meals.

Want ideas if how to mix up dishes you like but are a little boring? Click here or 5 easy swaps found here.You didn't think I would leave you in the dark did you?

Here are my meals.I eat a big salad with lunch and dinner too!Gotta get my protein!

  1. Chicken fajitas with quinoa instead of rice
  2. Chicken curry noodles
  3. Spaghetti
  4. Sandwiches.The kids have fun with this one!
  5. BBQ chicken with rice and quinoa
  6. Burrito burgers with beans and quinoa
  7. Thai noodles with sunflower butter instead of peanut butter
  8. Chicken salsa with rice and quinoa
  9. Tacos
  10. Tuna and rice
  11. Sloppy joes
  12.  Chicken fajita soup
  13. 6 ingredient potatoes- apples,potatoes,onions,kielbasa (gf),honey and olive oil
  14. Beef cabbage soup

Friday, May 2, 2014

May 2nd-31 days of May-keovers

May 2nd-
Yesterday, the assignment was to make a list of areas in your life that need may-keovers.How did you do?Here is my list.It is a start anyway.I probably will change things around knowing me.:)
  1. Write a list
  2. Kitchen 
  3. Meal makeover
  4. Toy takeover
  5. Learn to decorate with color
  6. Paper organization
  7. Chores
  8. Get to know my neighbors better
  9. Haircut 
  10. May-keover reveal pictures
  11. Happy Mothers Day!
  12. Wash face morning and night.Keep eyebrows plucked 
  13. Face
  14. Make up tricks 
  15. Use clothes I have.Toss what I don't wear
  16. Find my style
  17. Be more confident
  18. Stress less
  19. Get outside as much as you can
  20. Not yell
  21. Get sleep
  22. Wake up earlier
  23. Pedicure and buy new slippers
  24. Control of my time
  25. Relationship with husband
  26. Everyday connection
  27. Relationship with kids
  28. Friends 
  29. Soul searching
  30. Exercise
  31. Budget
  32. Positive thinking-letting go

Today's assignment:
Do something on your project list that you have been DYING to do like me,with my kitchen. If you don't have a list.Make one.Walk around your house and write what your dream for each room is.

Here is my kitchen.I don't have a before,but if you look at the top cupboards, that is what the bottom looked like.

Here is our progress.We painted the bottom sage and added knobs and handles.I cleaned up my kitchen for you all,Ok and me!

It is always a risk when you paint something.I have found looking at pictures of what direction I want to go is very helpful! There are so many sites you can visit on the Internet.I took bits and pieces of things I liked.Can't wait to be done!

Another added benefit is the excitement of this new change has given me the will power to de-clutter and toss a lot more.Give it a try!Change something up.It may be the change you need to get past whatever might be blocking you.

If you already love everything about your kitchen;take a step back.Maybe clutter is a problem.It always seems to get dumps in the kitchen at my house.Maybe you could add some flowers or decorative accent, for a pop of color.

Once you get your kitchen the way you want here is a how to clean your kitchen in 15 minutes to keep your kitchen looking nice and you,less frazzled. 


What are some things you have been putting off?Comment below.You never know who you might inspire!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

31 days of makeovers in May.What do you get? May-keover

May is the perfect time to start over. Dust off those shelves and forgotten ideas.May is a time for getting outside. Let us put our good intentions into actions. Our thoughts are drawn to our mothers and grandmothers.We can learn a lot from them and so can our children.

So with that introduction welcome to makeover in May or "May-keover".

I am giving us all permission to do what we may be needing to do but haven't. What can we do with this may-keover month.Anything.May-keover a room,yourself.Maybe your heart and soul need one.

I started with my kitchen.We finally started painting.I couldn't be more thrilled!That led me to walking around my house and discovering several projects I have put on hold.

I walked into a friends house and was greeted with pops of color,a treat for my eyes.I want more pops of color.May-keover!

Just adding some color,paint or new bed sheets can just be like a pedicure or haircut for your home.Maybe you need to simplify?Do you have clutter?too many toys?

How about your clothes?Make up?Hair or hairstyles?

How about your relationships? Friends?Family?Spouse?How can you improve those relationships?May-keover!

How do you feel spiritually?What can you do better or give up to be closer to Jesus?What am I missing that he is trying to tell me?Do I carry too much on my shoulders. Am I doing enough or just getting by day by day?

There are a lot of areas in our home and life that could use a may-keover.Lets get started!We have 31 days.So first things first. .We need to make a list and access what we want to change.Each week pick an area or two that you might want to change or improve.When you are doing a may-keover on yourself you are just improving what you already have.This is not a time to list all your.This is a perfect time to raid your hundred of pins on Pinterest.There are so many they get lost and forgotten; you chose them for a reason, right?

May 1rst-
This week I am starting with my home.My kitchen can get messy fast.It irritates me and drives me crazy.I mentioned in the beginning that I wanted to give my kitchen some color to rather outdated wood cupboards.Paint is a very inexpensive way to change up a room.We chose sage on the bottom and white on top.Before and after pictures will follow I promise.:)

Today's assignment- Make your list.You can follow along with mine,but we all are different on what we want to work on.