Friday, May 16, 2014

How to find your style May 15-31 days to a May-keover

Most days I doubt,as I walk down the supermarket aisle,that people say to themselves,

"She has style"

It is true as a Mom,oftentimes,that we put ourselves last.I have many clothes in my closet that I never wear.Honestly,it is mostly because I have no idea if it looks good.I lack inspiration!

That is when I looked to a very classy and elegant young Audrey Hepburn.I have always been inspired by her.I was excited to look up and peek more into her wardrobe and style.

Today's assignment:
I was inspired and I want you to be too!Pick a celebrity or a friend whose style you would like to emulate. Look at pictures and get an idea of their style. Look through your clothes and see what you have.Before you go out and buy all new clothes, try to use what you have,first!Have fun.Maybe do a fashion show for your kids or spouse!

I found many good "how to's"online.
How to look like Audrey Hepburn.Audrey knew what looked good on her.She wore white blouses, the little black dress.I have some of those!:-) I need to get back to my research!Excited squeals!Happy hunting!

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