Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12th-31 days of May-keovers

The hype of Mothers day is over but I am still wanting to improve and grow this month!What we do as Mom's and parents are important.

The reaction to my hair was very reassuring!Today I flipped it out instead of under.It is easier for me to style it at night than the morning!I am not a morning person!!

We all have our routines at night.We get in our pj's,brush our teeth,wash our face etc. ..
I have never really had the best face regime.I wash at night but often forget in the morning.Well today I washed my face in the morning with cool water and WOW did that wake me up!

I used the last of my Mary Kay and switched to Neutrogena.I like it ok so,but not completely satisfied.I have been using Jergens natural glow tanner too.I used Cetaphil but I really didn't feel like it helped with acne.

I looked up the best face cleansers.Here is what I want to try:
Olay foaming cleanser for sensitive skin.

I have a combination skin,which this cleanser might be good for!If you want to know what skin type you are or top inexpensive cleansers  look here

I liked this article for sensitive skin which I also have.

Today's assignment:
Start a face regimen if you do not already have one.If you do,is it working?Don't go to bed with make up on!Take care of your skin!Pluck your eyebrows if they need it.I am bad at maintaining them daily.

Don't forget your water to help flush out all the toxins!

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