Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5th-31 days of May-keovers

Pick a room any room.Now what needs to change?I think a good room to start out with would be your living room,entry way,or kitchen.These areas that are used a lot.What colors do you already have in the room.Is there a painting you love or a accent rug?You could use those as your palette.

Even if you choose your colors there are still a few things to consider. Where to put your statement pieces and how to group them.I am in desperate need to be taught this!I do not have an eye for detail.

Luckily there is a lot of help for those of us who are lacking the know how in this area.I found a great article to help us all get started! It is called the rule of three.This rule states that if you have a color in a room,make sure it is repeated 3 times.Turns out my idea of picking a painting wasn't far off.The post above also gives you examples so you can practice!Yay!

Think of it this way.If you get dressed you want to match right?You should think about what you wear.What colors do you gravitate to?I love blues like the ocean.I also love nature.I love owls and peacock feathers.I guess I have a style!Yay me!I tend to dress the same way.I also love pink but I am nervous to use it in my decorating.All I have to do is walk into my daughters room and its pink overload!lol

Today's assignment:
Pick a room and see what colors you could repeat in there.Pops of color could be pillows,or vases.See what you have in other rooms and use that.I have seen on Pinterest people actually using their clothes as a cover for a pillow!Check out the transformation of my living room.

Before:Don't you love my model?

After:I put blue vases and plates to pull out the blue from the painting above the couch.I also moved the black chairs up more and added a table.I think I might paint it light or dark blue.This makeover cost me nothing!

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