Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 7th the chore wars-31 days of May-keovers

When it comes time to get my kids doing work around the house,they immediately come up with any excuse why they cannot do it.

Let the chore wars begin!They start their Jedi mind tricks.
"This isn't the mess you are looking for"
Translation:"That is not my mess.Why do I have to clean it up?"

I have tried charts,points,money and so on.It is ongoing and both sides are in a power struggle.

I try not to redo or do their jobs myself.This is especially true if I have already trained them.Start them out when they are young padawans.When children are young they want to be with their parents.

We have capable children who want to please us.If we show them we trust them and appreciate them;then they are more likely to help when asked.It may be more work for us parents,but we are training them to be capable hard working adults.

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Today's assignment:
Choose a chore that you normally do that you could have one of your kids do.Make sure they understand what you expect of them.After a week of training let them do it on their own.No nagging,hovering or yelling!

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