Thursday, May 29, 2014

Our Summer schedule

Summer is here!It is great to get outside and play.It is also a time I do homeschooling with the kids!I want things to be relaxed, but I still want some structure.

This week I introduced our schedule and we started journal writing.Even my 3 year old!I have writing prompts,but they can write anything really.They can write about what they did yesterday or a story.I will be writing in their journals as well.I might just tell them I love them or comment on their stories they write.This is in addition to correcting letters and punctuation.

Reading is big in our home!I try to encourage it as much as I can!We went to the library to start their reading program.I picked out a book to read too!

We have a daily prayer and devotional.I like to center it around a behavior or character trait I want the kids to develop fully.One day this week we talked about likening or applying the scripture in our lives and then the kids acted out scripture stories,while the rest of us tried to guess.The kids wanted to keep doing it so that took up a lot of our time.I have more planned in a day than we can possibly do,but I like the kids to lead me in what they want to do.The pressure is off.We just have Fun!

For my Preschooler and baby I will be doing a different letter each day.Nursery rhyme each week.We are working on his name.So for each letter we sing a song and read Richard Scary's Fun with words.It has an awesome letter dictionary to really immerse a child in their letters.

Letters:W,E,R,N and O
Nursery Rhyme:Rock a bye baby
Name song(tune of B-I-N-G-O
There was a Mom who had a boy(girl)
(Insert name) was his name O

This week has mainly been walking the kids through the routine M-Th.Friday is our family newspaper and field trip day!This Friday we will be going to a water park!

  • Breakfast
  • Get dressed and put clothes in hamper
  • 3 b's-Make your BED,BRUSH your teeth and hair!
  • Devotional and prayer
  • Older kids do morning chores(rotate each week)While they do this I have music and letter practice with my Preschooler and baby.
  • Journal and other activities(approx.1hour)
  • Outside/free time
  • Lunch-12p.m
  • Quiet time(1 hour long) 
  • Outside/free time-2p.m.
  • Kitchen chores and dinner-4p.m.
  • Bed time chores-8p.m
  • Scriptures and books
  • In beds but they can still read -8:30 p.m.

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