Monday, May 19, 2014

Stress less for May 18th-31 days of May-keover

I have been thinking about how I could possibly lower my stress when it is all around me!I feel like most days I am being pulled in every direction! I do feel that I have not payed attention to what my body has been trying to tell me.I tend to worry about something ,and as I dwell on these worries,stress creeps in.Before I know it I am a stress ball of nerves!

A mother sets the tone of her home.She is like the trunk of the roots of a tree.She provides nourishment and safety to the branches of her family.So if I am not strong,my family is also weakened. Stress over time can weaken us all.

My favorite way to be more present in my day is to breathe deeply more or do yoga.These two things cause me to slow down and let things go.I know a lot,and mean a lot,of people have done variations of the movie, Frozen's Let it go.I think that Elsa's view of her power and feeling out of control,is a lesson to us all.To conceal and not feel is not going to help.She finally feels freedom and can let it go.That is what we must do as Mothers,let things go.This doesn't mean we explode in anger like a volcano!Instead we learn to control ourselves and learn healthy ways to let it go!Sometimes I have to turn away and close my bedroom door.We can be strong roots of our family without shutting everything out.We may be feeling guilty for being tired or frustrated.We can't ignore what we need everyday!

Today's assignment:
Make sure you are taking deep breaths throughout the day.Take a minute during your day to think about where you might be stressing more than you should.Once you have identified the where the stress is coming from, write down how you want to let it go.Let it go,so you don't blow!

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