Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer of Success- Week 3,Day 3 & 4(Family week)

Day 3-
Devotional: Mosiah 4:13
And ye will not have a mind to injure one another, but to live peaceably, and to render to every man according to that which is his due.

Making a house a home
Read letter I,Fun with words by Richard Scary

Songs: Ten little Indians

I was going to have my 4th grader do a book report,but as I was copying the papers,my other 2 kids wanted to do it too!I got the report from my oldest 3rd grade teacher.

Day 4-
Devotional: Parable of the spoon

Letter:B,Fun with words by Richard Scary

Grandparent interview question for today:
Were there any special items in the house that you remember?

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