Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer of Sucess-Week 3(Family week)

Devotional: Ephesians 4:2
My family is important.The kids need to obey their parents.We need to love and be kind to one another.All this week we are talking about families.6 days!
Read Fun with words by Richard Scary

Story bag-Write a story from random items you put on a bag.I put a butterfly,glasses,flower, candle,little toy mouse,car,plastic egg and a screwdriver. I got the idea

Family interview-We chose grandparents to interview.We used these fifty questions to ask.We only did 4 of them and wrote names on a family tree printout.

1.What is your full name? Why did your parents select this name for you?

2.When and where were you born?

3.How did your family come to live there?
Were there other family members in the area? Who?

4.What was the house (apartment, farm, etc.) like? How many rooms? Bathrooms? Did it have electricity? Indoor plumbing? Telephones?

"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind.... or forgotten."-Author: Lilo & Stitch

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