Tuesday, July 29, 2014

August Intentions and how to plan for back to school

The past few days I have been at a loss as what to write.I am not sure if it is staying up late or major changes. I have been weaning my very allergy sensitive baby to a hypo-allergenic formula.It took 2 weeks!

Could it be the dreaded back to school cloud looming over my head?School starts for us in 2 weeks.I think next to New Years,the back to school bug bites hard. When it comes right down to it,the itch to do better this year or to be organized, is nagging and ever present.Pinterest definitely has the bug it is everywhere!

As I write this post I just sit here stunned that the Summer is almost over!These next 2 weeks I will be getting the kids back on a good eating and sleeping schedule. I want to give them, and me, plenty of time to acclimate to this new school year.I hope that if I finish my shopping and get a favorite foods list done,that the visions of school supplies will stop dancing in my head.Slow down! I wish I knew how to make time bend to my will.

More time and less stress is what my August is going to be all about.It is time to make new goals and make my house run like a well oiled machine.How can I do this?Plan,plan and plan some more!It appears many people feel this way.There are printable planners everywhere! I took a little idea here and another there and I love the results.Planning for me brings goals,needs and ideas to the forefront. If I get it on paper and have a plan BEFORE school starts there will be less to iron out when it is stressful!So here it goes,who is with me?I am writing my goals/intentions to get them out there in the universe.

August Intentions
1."Sprummer cleaning"Finish my Spring cleaning in Summer.
2.a.Organize my daily planner
   b.finish back to school shopping
3.Go to bed earlier and wake up at 6.
4.Plan Mom and Dad kid dates
5.plan date nights with hubby
6.Potty train my Preschooler
7.Toddler sleeping in his own bed!
8.Do a Diy project(cover seats in Living room or paint dresser)
9.Exercise 3 times a week.I think chasing kids around should count.

There is 9 goals and only 4 weeks to do them in!I am starting a few days early in July with the schedule. So what I came up with is categories that my goal can fall in.I write these categories done and make sure I do something from each one oer week.

visiting,callings and working on
 Christ like values

Home care

  • Housekeeper-organizing,cleaning and projects 
  • Wife
  • Mother and teacher  
  • Manager of time,food and budget
  • Neighbor and a friend
  • Daughter and a Sister
  • Personal-exercise,blogging 

At the end of each day I write what I am grateful for,look at the next day and ask myself what I can do to make tomorrow better?At the end of the week I look at my goals and several weeks ahead so I know what is coming.

None of this,unfortunately can stop the whirling and urgency of my day to day.Things come up.I can ask myself,when there is too much on my plate,  what is most important to get done."I will finish" is my affirmation. I want to focus on one thing at a time,take one step at a time.Take one step and you will be that much closer to achieving your goals and dreams.

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