Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer of Sucess-Week 6,Day 3

Patriot camp looked like so much fun!I love that my kids can learn more about our country.I don't want to spark a political debate,however,I feel like the ideals and the constitution is under attack these days.I want my kids to understand what our founding fathers fought for and how they can be good patriots.I think it is very important!!
The kids learned about join or die,a well known political comic by Benjamin Franklin.The kids loved  painting wooden snakes.At least it might help them remember what they learned.:-)

We finished out our week if patriotic symbols,by learning about the liberty bell and the eagle.My oldest son collects eagles,so they are well known around here anyways.:-)

Letter: B for bell

We made our own bells by filling up water glasses.We put different amounts of liquid in each to change the pitch.It turned into an opportunity for my Preschooler to practice pouring.

Next week is spy week and I am really excited about it!So is my husband! He rarely gets to be involved in Summer fun during the week.He is going to make something for me!I will give you a hint.Tick tick tick............

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